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Hold Nothing Back

Perhaps the greatest lesson thus far of my life that has informed my artistic expression to the nth degree is to hold nothing back.

It’s important for me to clarify here that holding nothing back does not include purging all of your drama on anyone else. We all have to take total responsibility for our emotions, and try our best not to project them on any other person, even if we are sure that someone else caused an uncomfortable feeling.

Now that we have that cleared up (I hope!), what does hold nothing back mean?

To me, it means trusting my intuition and expressing truth by any means and any mediums necessary. As Picasso said, “down with style!” We never have to limit ourselves into one mode of expression. We can do it all!

Richard Rudd says it best:

“The trick is to fall in love with your own story and follow it without holding anything back. Two things are then assured—firstly, you will arrive at the story’s end, and secondly, your own story will be utterly unique and unlike anyone else’s.”

- The Gene Keys

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