How long did this take you?

People ask me all the time, “how long did this take you?” And I usually respond with: “my whole life!” (This answer was inspired by this story).

But it really is the truth – no matter the exact amount of minutes, hours, weeks, days, months or years it takes to create a piece of art, every drawing class I’ve taken, every book I’ve read, every song I've danced to and podcast I’ve listened to, every moment of inspiration that struck when I was away from my studio, every photo I’ve taken on my phone, and every painting that came before has informed whatever I am making in the present.

Another reason the question “how long did this take you?” is hard to answer is that I work on multiple pieces at once – sometimes 10 paintings at a time. Sometimes I’ll leave one alone for a year, maybe longer, and then the day arrives when I know what to do to finish it.

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