It's Not That Serious

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I’ve been having an interesting week. Let’s call it a physical and emotional rollercoaster doozy. 

Not an hour ago, I received this text from my friend Rachel:

Thank all fgftime reiqsf dff t yufyf we’re excited excited 😆 we rree is is is  ttey d dyt etetd 🌲 ere rifts did

And another one:

the y try we’re TTyrtdt TT

Still in my serious doozy mode, I thought, “did someone hack her phone?” And I responded with: “what’s happening!”

To which she replied: I was belly messaging you. I had my phone in the front of my leggings 🤣🤣

I immediately broke down in giggles. And they didn’t stop, especially when I realized that this week, I forgot to laugh. That’s right, the self proclaimed Queen of Giggles FORGOT TO LAUGH. 

Remember people: whatever it is, at the end of the day, it’s not that serious. Watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm if you need some help in the laughing department. And I hope you all have a Rachel in your life!

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