Relax to Receive

Miracles and Wormholes

I meet quite a few artists that judge themselves for feeling “uninspired”. I’ll let you in on a secret:

Inspiration, like everything else in the entire world (besides love of course), is not a perpetually sustainable state!!

In my experience, inspiration appears in flashes. It is not the physical energy to create, but it does arrive when I allow myself to fully, physically relax. Relaxing is deeper than resting. It requires bringing attention to an area of tension in the body and softening into it. (Are your eyes straining right now? Is your jaw tight? Are your shoulders loose?Just breathe.)

Moreover, the more fully I’ve embraced my natural, human ups and downs, without judging myself when I feel “uninspired” or if I don’t feel energetic enough to paint, the more I’ve been able to sustain creative work for longer periods of time.

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