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The Come From

Elements of this collage created by me and my dear friend, Scott Picard.

When I refer to “the come from,” I mean the part of us that our expression is coming from. We all have a lot of different “come froms.” We can express from our true, authentic self, or from a place inside us that reacts in anger or pain (instead of responding by taking emotional responsibility), or from a place inside us that we want someone else to “fix” or “heal” for us instead of loving ourselves…to name a few.

Creating art is such a gift because the action of it actually brings me home to my true, authentic self. Even if my “come from” as I enter my studio is not my true, authentic self, somehow I am always transported back home.

The trick is to remember this place, the home of my self, in every aspect of life, no matter the circumstances.

I’ll keep you updated on how that’s going!


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