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The Passion of Kobe

This Man Has You, oil on canvas, 4' by 6' 2020

When true passion moves through the world, it is always provocative, and if you are open to it, true passion will liberate you.

That’s what I learned from my hero Kobe Bryant.

Since Kobe died, I’ve been wanting to honor him somehow through writing about how much he meant to me, but I know that the best way to honor him is through living passionately, through holding nothing back, and leaving everything I have out on the court (and on the canvas).

Playing basketball and painting together have taught me how to love. They are in relationship to each other – and have fueled distinct parts of me. Basketball is the fierce fire of my love. The part of me that demands nothing less than everything you have. Painting is the wild ocean of my love – mysterious (especially to me), and infinitely deep.

There aren’t many people that live so passionately, so deeply, so fiercely, that they inspire us and show us how to love, but Kobe did. I miss you, Kobe. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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