What is self love?

Falling Angels, 4' by 5', oil on canvas, 2020

What is self love?

There are so many ideas about this. I got an email the other day from a podcast host I generally enjoy saying he has the “action steps” necessary to follow in order to love yourself. But herein lies a great misunderstanding, because self love is not a feeling, nor is it an action! It’s a home inside yourself, a place, where no matter what is swirling around you, no matter how confused or afraid you might be feeling, you KNOW that you are not the events or people or pain or judgement inside you or surrounding you. Even when it feels like emotions or others are taking over your life, they are not you.

Now, I could never tell you what you are, and how to come back to this memory of home deep inside each one of us. But I can tell you what you are NOT. As my BFF Brieze would say, it’s a superpower! And everyone has it. When you start identifying what you are NOT, you get closer and closer to who you are. Which is self love! I’ll give you 2 hints that I believe apply to everyone: you are not your pain, and you are not your judgement.

Bon voyage my friends! Best of luck on your journey—I know you will find your way back home.

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